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Ambro Moioli is an eclectic artist.

He is able to talk with the matter he uses and to fit it on his being a man and an artist in a personal and innovative way.

Born as a grafic agent he discovered, through this profession, his love for art.

In 1998 Ambro attended the free art academy in Lissone. Here he met Ermes Meloni. This Maestro helped him to put the ground where sculpture could grow.

Afterwards, the meeting with other artists such as Warner and Brunivo Buttarelli, gives him the opportunity to use new matter.

He followed also a marble sculpture course in Carrara.

He usually works with traditional materials like marble, bronze, chalk, wax, iron, but he loves also resins and plexiglass.

Ambro's work is a continuous discovery of different technical mixing or fusion, using different types of matter.

Sculpture and shaping become increasingly monumental and in a tight contact with space around.

Inside his sculptures the natural shape gets much richer thanks to symbolic elements and reality turns into illusion, myth, dream, like atmosphere of being.

Renata Ghiazza writes: "The author uses the line with supple elegance, creating spatial dynamics"



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Ambro Arte
via cappuccina 63, 28851 Lissone (Mi) 
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