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During his life, Ambro takes part in a lot of group exhibitions with great results.

-1998 in Brera site, Ambro is chosen among 500 artists

-2003 Ambro exposes at "Mac" Lissone

at Bagutta he gets the prize Bruno De Cerce

-2004 Ambro exposes at Arengario of Royal Palace in Milan

again at "Mac" Lissone

-2008 at Palazzo Arese Borromeo -Cesano Maderno, Ambro gets a prize for "Palace Sculptors"

-2009 a new prize again at Palazzo Arese Borromeo for "La passione di Cristo"

-2011 Pace Gallery in Milan exhibits his works

a prize at "Circolo della stampa" in Milan with the picture/sculpture "Cavour"

again Ambro exposes at Chie Art Gallery Milan

He takes part of the "54° Biennale Venezia" organized by Vittorio Sgarbi

-2014 Lissone - at Palazzo Terragni "Mistery and beauty of life"

at Reggia of Monza "The golden age of italian sculpture"

-2015 Torino -Villa Amoretti parco Rignon

-2016 Arcore - parco Villa Borromeo - during the literature festival

Personal exibitions and those inside museums

-2003 Arcore Villa Borromeo

-2004 Bellagio Villa Serbelloni

-2008 Lissone Palazzo Terragni

Milano Galleria d'arte Solferino

-2009 Milano Spazio Lattuada

-2010 Lissone Palazzo Gattoni

-2011 Lissone MAC Museo Arte Contemporanea

Desio Palazzo Cusani Tittoni Traversi

-2015 Desio Museo Scalvini

Torino MIIT Museo Internazionale Italia Arte

Berlino Museo Salvador Dalì

Bruges Museo Oud Sint Jan - Centre of Modern Art


Monumental sculptures in permanent exhibitions

-Hall Municipio Lissone

-Galleria d'arte Sala Lissone

-Chiesa di Bucavu Rusizi Repubblica del Congo

-Sagrato Basilica di Lissone

-Giardini Aeffe Desio

-Palazzo Lombardia sede regione Milano


Gallery with permanent works

-Vivendi Gallery - Parigi Place des Vosges - New York-Dubai

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