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Opening interview Taurus

Centre of Modern Art Oud Sint Jean Museum

Brugge - October 2015

Salvador Dalì Museum - Berlin

Salvador Dalì Museum - Berlin

The state of art edited by Vittorio Sgarbi

The search for an expression whose reasons are only those inner and own, Ambro has led to a search that starts and has its roots in two dimensions, but looking more and more a development in space, landing in a conscious way (indeed resolved) in the world of sculpture. The approach to the subject is traditional, made of molded, the definition of the forms, the "construction" of the figure. The Plastering is only the first step, which will open the way for a series of other meteriali that over time take share, often in interesting interactions and integrations. While plasma his figures, Ambro never look beautiful "form" is not the goal of his research. Tries to give soul to them, to instill a message, to make them interpreters of a mood ...
In being representative object, the material passes through different stages and leads to different interpretations. Can be full, finely modeled both on polished parts with great care and in those deliberately rough, as can fragment to suggest, leaving the mind of the viewer the task of rebuilding (with its free interpretation) the image ... The values symbolic are another path inside the Ambro sculpture, indeed can be considered, especially from a certain point in time, the real theme of his work ...

Luigi Cavadini

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